Jam Jars Direct supply high quality Glass food jars in round, shaped and square with a variety of sizes and caps to suit.Enhance your product in a stylish container.

Single units to Pallet loads on quick delivery across Europe with 24/7 Online ordering or ring +44 (0)1634 862839 London time.


Clear Food Jars

We source our glass for our glass jam jars from the UK and EU, manufacturers and distributors. We are distributers of Italian glass manufacturer Bruniglass from Italy. The ranges stocked allow us to offer a basic jam jar to a more sophisticated Italian range to make your product stand out. We are happy to sell in small quantities of glass jam jars for the small user but can provide jam jars direct from our storage areas either in the UK or in Italy for Pallet loads upwards. We can supply both Clear Jam Jars and Coloured Glass Jam Jars in small quantities or wholesale. Deliveries of Clear jam jars can be made direct from our stock in Kent.


Coloured Jam Jars

From the clear glass we are able to supply coloured jam jars in a large range of colours and finishes including UV protective colours. Where colouring is required for food application we colour the exterior of the glass jam jar and leave the top rim clear. Another typical requirement was the colouring of the bottom of a jam jar to give a hint of colour to the clear produce. Where required we can screen print onto round glass jam jars to further enhance your product. A recent request was for a jam jar at a wedding for after dinner drinks. A non food application aimed at children was a set of pastel shaded jam jars to provide a cheap container for Mother's day presents filled with cut flowers.


Jam Jar Types

Glass Jam jars can take many shapes and sizes. All the Glass we stock for our jam jars is suitable for Food use. We offer from round jam jars, hexagonal jars, square jars, shaped jars as well as stacking jars. To compliment our glass jam jars we offer a range of Twist off Lids with most sizes being available in Black, Gold and Silver. We do carry the 1lb Honey Jar screw top glass honey jar with a cap in either plastic or gold metal. Glass Storage jars both with a clip top and a push on version are available. The Clip type jars are ideal preserving jars, whilst the push on version are perfect for Kitchen storage.



See more information on our range of glass food jars on our main web site.

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